• September 23, 2022
Agile Performance Management

Agile Performance Management

performance management may be a new performance management mode, which is an organic integration of target management and performance evaluation system.In the process of serving the enterprise for several years, Performance management structure chart Performance management structure chart (3 sheets)

A professional human resources research institution designed a group of target performance management system supported the characteristics of Chinese people , which mainly includes four stages: job classification, task index implementation and delivery, process inspection and supervision, and result feedback and implementation. The performance management system, which is indispensable for the four links, can truly effectively operate and support the event of the enterprise.

Background Introduction Performance Management

In the VUCA era (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), every company is faced with a rapidly changing, uncertain, highly complex, and very obscure external environment within the future. For companies, they need to make sure that the whole organization can it’s the mission of the performance management system to flexibly answer changes within the environment, internally to make sure that every employee’s potential is continuously stimulated, to assist employees grow rapidly, and ultimately to realize a win-win situation between employees and therefore the company. during this era, the “agile performance management” model came into being.

Implementation Steps

The first step is to line goals and key tasks

The company sets strategic goals and makes them transparent to all or any employees. Employees understand the company’s strategy and mix their own capabilities to make challenging goals, and formulate key results that directly support the achievement of the goals. The manager then communicated with the staff one-to-one to debate the staff’s goals and their key results. Later, team meetings are often wont to discuss and determine team goals, and make organizational goals in the least levels from rock bottom up.

Eventually, employees align the goals of managers in the least levels, and confine line with the company’s strategic goals, that specialize in more important goals. Beisen Performance Cloud can make goals achieve top-down unity and bottom-up alignment, support goal transparency, goal tracking, and decompose goals into tasks. The goal map can make the progress of goals clear at a look .

The Second Step, Continuous Communication and Training

Track the status of goals and tasks at any time, communicate feedback, counsel, and proper deviations from time to time. Beisen performance management  Cloud is predicated on this idea and embeds social design ideas, which is straightforward and straightforward to use. Managers can give employees online real-time communication feedback, praise and encouragement, so as to acknowledge employees’ work leads to a timely manner, and promote employees to realize greater success.

additionally to communication between superiors and subordinates, you’ll also @relevant colleagues, seek support and suggestions, and colleagues also can give feedback. You see the goals and progress of your colleagues, and you’ll take the initiative to offer your colleagues some suggestions. Support the timely upload of labor results, and therefore the manager can recognize the work leads to a timely manner or make suggestions for improvement.

Agile Performance Management

The Third Step Is To Comprehensively Evaluate Feedback

Semi-annual or annual comprehensive evaluation are often set. additionally to evaluating the completion of the target, it’s recommended to feature ability and value elements, and therefore the target evaluation isn’t directly associated with rewards and punishments. At an equivalent time, it’s recommended that managers conduct more regeneration interviews and incentives.

Beisen Performance Cloud supports multi-person evaluation, 360-degree evaluation, inviting feedback from others, evaluation supported goals or values, automatic evaluation of quantitative indicators , and mobile evaluation, thereby in-depth analysis of an agile performance management results, in order that employee incentives are often supported evidence, for everybody See is what you get intuitive experience.

In The Fourth Step, Touyun, The Result’s A Multi-Context Application

Apply the results of the great evaluation of performance management, downplay ranking and mandatory distribution, getting to motivate outstanding employees, and also provide data and basis for talent management work like succession, development, training, talent inventory, and high-performance talent portraits.

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