Second International Symposium: Genomics and Modeling in the New Stage of Tropical Cattle, Nacional Universidade de Colombia Palmira

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Title: Second International Symposium: Genomics and Modeling in the New Stage of Tropical Cattle

Date: 22 to June 25, 2011
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Palmira. Building 25.
Auditorio 25-110 (25-110 Auditorium) 
Target audience:
Researchers, professors, graduate students and professionals interested in issues of genomics and selection and modeling of livestock production systems.

This symposium seeks to have discussions that allow participants to create a global, real and objective of the significance and prospects of genomics and its management in breeding cattle breeds in tropical and existing mechanisms and alternative improve the productive efficiency of the systems and land use in new scenarios of global warming and develop alternative comprehensive management programs and improve local cattle genetic resources.
In the long term it is hoped that, through mathematical models and economic simulations, the information obtained from different production systems, to validate and predict critical variables in the management of local cattle genetic resources in tropical conditions of medium and low.



  Tel: +57 (2) 2717000 extension 35214 or 35189


 Carlos Vicente Durán Castro

 Romulo Campos Gaona:

 Horn Program:


 Project  "Conservation, improvement and strategic use of genetic resources   Creole cattle farming systems sustainable in the medium and low Colombian tropics "    (National Bicentennial).


Before May 31, 2011Professionals and individuals: $ 250,000 or $ U.S. 125.00Masters and doctoral students *: $ 125,000 or $ U.S. 65.00
$225.000 o $US 115.00
Graduates of the National University of Colombia **: $ 225,000 or $ U.S. 115.00
After May 31, 2011
Professionals and individuals: $ 280,000 or $ U.S. 140.00 Masters and doctoral students *: $ 150,000 or $ U.S. 75.00
Graduates of the National University of Colombia **: $ 250,000 or $ U.S. 125.00


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